Prairie Aquatics and Exotics

Prairie Aquatics and Exotics

Ambassador: Hank

Hank Northern Blue Tongue Skink

Species: Northern Blue Tongue Skink

Gender: Female

Hank is approximately twelve years old and has been Stuart’s beloved companion since he purchased her when he was a teenager. Two years ago, Stuart sent Hank on breeding loan to Melanie, a blue tongue skink breeder and friend located in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Mel’s Exotics). Skinks are nearly impossible to sex unless they are bred and it was with Melanie that “Hank” was actually confirmed to be “Hankette.” Last year, despite beating up all her prospective suitors except Wasp (Melanie’s top male breeder), Hank gave birth to six beautiful baby skinks: Hagrid, Hannibal, Horatio, Horton, Harry, and Hector. Hank doesn’t respond to “Hankette” though, so she is still called by her original name. She can’t seem to get enough of being out of her tank spending time with people and has a lovely, gentle personality. Next season we hope to breed Hank again – as long as she doesn’t maim and destroy her next potential suitor first!

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