Prairie Aquatics and Exotics

Prairie Aquatics and Exotics

Ambassador: Chico

Chico Bearded Dragon/Lawson’s (Rankin’s) Dragon Cross

Species: Bearded Dragon/Lawson’s (Rankin’s) Dragon Cross

Gender: Male

Chico is approximately three years old and was given to Stuart and Glenda by a friend who could no longer give him the attention he needed. At first, Chico was very skittish because he had not been handled a lot by his previous family. Chico slowly adjusted to the constant activity at the store and with regular handling, has become a friendly, gentle dragon who loves people. Chico is smaller than the “common” central bearded dragon because he is the product of an accidental pairing between a central bearded dragon and its smaller relative, the Lawson’s (also known as “Rankin’s”) dragon.

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