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Custom Aquariums

dave-workinghardDo you want the perfect aquarium in that perfect spot that the typical manufacturer doesn’t make? Are you looking for something different than your friends or neighbours? Then look no further.

At Prairie Aquatics & Exotics we offer an array of solutions to help you find the perfect home for your fish, reptiles or arachnids. Whether it is a completely custom build or an alteration of an existing unit we have you covered. Your imagination is the limit. Come by and discuss your vision with Stu or Dave.


We specialize in marine aquariums with built in overflows, custom sump systems, and drilled bottom drainage, while offering offering more standard units for that special gold fish.


Choose your style! We offer both wood and glass terrariums with sliding glass doors and/or removable screen lids.

Repairs & Refurbishment

Looking to bring life back to an old favourite? Discuss with Dave your best option.


Looking for something extra special? We offer both beveled and extra clear glass. Just ask!

Previous Projects

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Corner Tank

cornertank side view

corner tank top down

Custom Terrarium Lid 

custom lid

Wooden Terrarium

custom terrarium

7′ x 30″ x 18″ w/ removable metal screen lid and sliding glass doors

Custom Sump

custom sump